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Libretto © Nigel Linacre & Vladimir Miller

When rock musician George Linacre died by suicide, his father Nigel started to write. Mr. Linacre is business coach and occasional poet who didn’t see his son’s suicide coming. George died on November 19, 2021, aged 32. His father’s need is for something good to come from his death.

The Grief Opera uses classical and jazz forms, and is part-opera, part-concert, and part-musical. It moves from a father’s last conversations with his son, through the shock of the news, to the challenges of continuing to exist in grief.

It is a journey from shock and pain…

Gone. The son is gone. The son is gone.
Darkness swallows us.
Swimming in sorrow.
Bring on obliteration
Obliterate it all


Grief empties the chest; the mind is a mess. From dusk to dawn to dusk, an empty husk
From sleep it wakes, each moment takes. No fight, day’s night and night is night
Grief will break, on thoughts no brake. No way to flee distress, save eternal rest


…to profound love and a powerful message

His last words,
“I’m so sorry. I love you all”.
You know all this will soon be gone
And you may see your works outshone
But know your love will ripple on
The work of love is never done

The Work of Love

Just one word I want you to say
There’s just one word I’d love you to say
Whisper help, say help!
Sing help, shout help!
Whisper help, say help!
Sing help, shout help!

Just One Word

You can download the complete lyrics here: